Aussie Talent In The House!!

Sydney’s iconic Opera House is set to showcase a multitude of talent, when it hosts an Aussie music night of nights known as the Musicoz 2012 Awards on May 15.

Young piano prodigy, Chooka Parker is a hot contender for the People’s Choice category as his fans continue to strongly lend their support  to him by voting and publicly cheering him on through social networking media.

Chooka’s Facebook pages are brimming with messages of support, not only for Chooka, but for each other, and many new fans are joining in each day, thrilled at the discovery that the young, Aussie pianist hasn’t given up his dream to ‘live on a houseboat and write music all his life’ and is forging a career as an independent artist after his three appearances on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011.

Musicoz was established 11 years ago to provide a launching pad for independent Aussie musicians across many genres, and over the years it has seen participants in the competition go on to achieve massive success across the globe, keeping the spotlight firmly fixed on Aussie music. The Awards night is attended by celebrities and the media as well as music industry big names and many fans of great Aussie music. This year it will be broadcast across the globe via live streaming on the net, with the support of BigPond, Nova FM and YouTube.

Chooka has already enjoyed incredible sales of his debut album, titled ‘No Worries!’  around the globe as his supporters from AGT learn that he is still very much active on the scene, composing,  performing and recording his unique style of piano music which profoundly connects with people of all ages.

“It is amazing…unbelievable how many things have happened and how much my life has changed since getting my music out there,” explains Chooka, “and my fan base is wonderful, they are extremely supportive of what I do…they believe in me and my music and are proving that in this Musicoz comp.”

Views of YouTube clips of Chooka’s music have risen sharply, with the latest count approaching  6 million, and subsequently he has been attracting fresh media attention, with both commercial and community radio eager to interview the young maestro and newspapers running stories on his entry in the Musicoz Competition.
Chooka Parker website is

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  • May 6, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks Voice FM for your incredible support of Chooka over many months so far! This fan is indebted to you…


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